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NBN Redi Ethernet cables 3The overwhelming development of technology products once starved of high-speed bandwidth is fueling the insatiable appetite for quality broadband. The NBN is so much more than fast Internet, communications as we know it will change forever.
A single high-speed broadband connection can host, Telephones, Internet and Television offering massive financial gains for the astute business entrepreneur.


Copper based Ethernet data services are the prerequisite to the super high speeds of the NBN. Many Cloud based SME’s maintain the competitive cost advantages by using these copper based services. These services are based on several copper wires to extend the capacity of a traditional single copper pair which is used for ADSL. Ethernet services have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years, much of this is driven by cloud based services and the steady price reductions.


Many of our smart clients have reaped massive financial rewards after deploying 10 and 20 Mbps services. Granted the NBN is much faster with optic fibre connections, however these services are revolutionising business processes. It is not unusual for smart business owners to deploy 2 services catering for voice and data along with an excellent fail over redundancy circuit. Additionally  voice and data solutions using Ethernet services are 100% NBN ready.