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Why I Believe In Panasonic Phone Systems

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The Company in Australia

My connection with Panasonic products goes back to 1999 when a Brisbane Business Owner hired me for a sales role. He introduced me to Panasonic shortly after entering the Australian market. Long term relationships with Panasonic Japan and Australian distributers are testament to the quality of a world class global company. Many other business Phone System manufacturers like ShoreTel, Avaya and Mitel have experienced regular turbulent times with Australian based teams and distribution channels.

In my view Panasonic made a wise decision to include SIP open standards into their VoIP phone systems unlike their rivals who retain their own proprietary protocols. This means you’ll never be locked into expensive proprietary phones that manufacturers like ShoreTel, Cisco, Avaya and Mitel. The open standards platform safeguards your investment and does not tie you down. Interestingly, Panasonic supports virtually any SIP device, so there is almost no boundary to the potential of a Panasonic IP Telephony Solution.


Time honored business telephone systems are inherently very reliable and stable. Then along comes’ VoIP, IP telephony, Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX and Unified Communications. Now we have telephones socialising with PC’s, Smart Phones and Tablets introducing another set of potential integration challenges and support concerns. We now have IT professionals working with Telecom experts in the same sandpit which makes for interesting times. The Panasonic VoIP Phone System is a robust and proven solution not relying on a 3rd party server or software and meaningfully less reliance on IT professionals. The Panasonic NS700 and NS1000 phone systems are unique in the IP Telephony arena.
Constructors like NEC, Cisco, ShoreTel and Avaya require expensive 3rd party servers and Microsoft software in an attempt to compete with the all in one Panasonic solution. What’s more these additional servers swell the cost of ownership with IT support, carbon foot print and not forgetting the usual replacement in 3 years’ time. We call these “Server Farms” that increase the necessity for more and more IT resources, costing more and more every year.
Since the Panasonic supports a SIP standard solution and use standard databases we can truly integrate the Panasonic with customer’s data to create true solutions. While our contenders sell business phone systems we sell integrated businesses solutions! We can effortlessly read your databases to intelligently route your clients to the information and people that they need most. Our potent Call Queuing feature can save huge expanses of your staff’s time and dramatically improve your customer’s satisfaction with your company.


Panasonic supports Voice Mail to email, Call Recording, Twinning calls to your mobile, Auto Attendants, Call Centre Agent Software, Call Reporting, Fax, CRM Integration, Client applications Remote working and much more are all contained in one tidy rack mounted box.


Panasonic is brilliantly simple, stress free to Install and incredibly easy to maintain. IP Phone System providers like ShoreTel, Avaya, Cisco and Mitel require expensive servers just to operate elementary features like Fax, Instant Message or conferencing. Fancy that additional cost for multisite enterprises?
Superbly feature rich with elegant simplicity a single NS700 appliance runs on less power than a 75 watt light bulb. This is why Panasonic is naturally 20-30% less than the challengers! And that doesn’t include the extra servers running day and night. We just don’t need all of that extra equipment and additional failure points.


Panasonic Unified communications bridges the gap between VoIP phone systems and other computer related communication technologies. Using Panasonic means telephone calls use your computer network. In the office you will see that your telephone can now plug into the same cable as your computer bringing both devices and their full potential closer together.
UC is not a single product, but a set of products that provides a consistent unified user interface and experience across numerous devices and media types.
Some of the features include…
• Instant Messaging
• Real time presence information
• Call Recording
• Follow Me
• Complex Call control
• Unified messaging
• Voice mail
• Email Integration
• Desktop Fax Integration
• Mobility.
• Remote Workers
• Multi-Site organisations
• Software Integration
• Soft Phone

These commanding features will truly change the way you do business and certainly how you communicate. With all of these powerful communication methods at your fingertips in a simple and easy to use desktop Communications Assistant Pro client application you’ll see enormous improvements in your company communications.


The Panasonic provides built in archiving for long term storage of Voice Mail, Faxes, Instant Messages, Call Recordings, Configuration files and more. This is crucial for companies that need to store this critical information over extended periods of time. Again this is stored in a database format and many of our clients have written their CRM’s to pull data out of this database to present call histories and call recordings to their employees so they can have critical information to assist their clients with.


Panasonic mobility solutions for unified communications allow employees to stay connected and in contact no matter where they are. Panasonic mobile twinning is valuable tool for busy workers.


Another key frustration for businesses is the sheer complexity of many phone and data solutions. The good news is that communications complexity ends with Phones Now! As do all of its painful implications. Three decades in this industry has enabled me to develop what we call ‘brilliantly simple’ phone solutions. These solutions will make communications and collaboration second nature for your workforce. And of course they save you big dollars in ongoing phone costs… another reason why they are brilliant!