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There's No Do Nothing Option

The NBN roll out is a forced migration to a more effective and efficient network. Business owners must take the time to understand the process and potential ramifications.
We couldn’t wait for the NBN that’s why 5 years ago we embraced the technology so our customers could reap the financial paybacks before the NBN. And in that time we’ve been beavering away connecting more and more happy customers onto our Crisp Clear Business Grade VoIP services.
No matter how it’s viewed, the transition to NBN is complicated and confused at best. Without good planning the experience will surely sour your taste for potential offerings the NBN brings. One tiny slipup will leave small business owners without Phone and Internet for a long time (days and weeks)
The early installations of NBN services had substantial numbers of small business owners without any telco service for days and even weeks. They involuntary endured expensive and lengthy down time because the big carriers were ignorant about what equipment could connect to the NBN coupled with no “experienced feet on the street” presence sales staff on the ground.