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More Praises For Our Work

What’s more Greg made sure we are fail safe which means it’s business as usual if the nbn fails? Very impressive
and a perfect illustration of the quality of Greg and his team”


Margaret Cochrane

CEO, Gympie Regional Realty

“Pain free changeover to the nbn with zero
business downtime is what you should expect
from Phones Now.”


Renee Dawkins

Manager, VVA Engineering

I was very pleased that Greg set up a ‘fail safe’ for us, so even if the nbn goes down we can still make calls and access the internet. Our system is now able to be upgraded in the future and can grow as we grow.


Graham Engeman


“Our migration to nbn technology was seamless and very easy thanks to the team at Phones Now.”


Nathan O'Neill

CEO, Harcourts NAI Gympie and Noosa

I called on Greg Eicke to provide a solution that would reduce our monthly call costs. Cost comparisons in the months after deployment clearly showed that we have realised significant savings on our monthly call costs.

John Warlow

Director, Warlow Scott Lawyers

“The combination of Direct Dial numbers, personal voice to email messaging and ability to reroute calls from the field to the office (and visa versa) has meant that our customers are now receiving enhanced levels of service at no additional cost to FITEC”

Tim Issacs

General Manager, FITEC

“Dealing with Greg and his crew is light years away from dealing with the big Telco’s. Greg and his crew is so easy to work with and very down to earth. I also like the fact that they will give us honest advice and help us to clearly see the service and costs benefits of one option over another. That’s why we changed all of our land lines over to Greg’s telco company, we saved money and we receive awesome service. It wasn’t a hard decision!


Michel Birchall

Practice Manager, Nicholsons Solicitors

“Normally a sales person will tell you anything to make a sale… he delivered on his promises. Greg is good at keeping an eye out for ways to reduce costs… we have saved about $900 a month since the new phone system was installed.”


Ross tait

CEO, Ballina Toyota

“Greg called me, listened to my problems, and quietly replied I can have you running in 5 days”. I immediately called my friend to ask “Is this guy for real?” He did all that he said he would do in the timeline that he promised. I would recommend local businesses to use Greg. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area and knows how to get things done”



Lars Hedberg

CEO, Gympie Saddle World

Deric is a godsend! Without him we were lost. Absolutely invaluable. Smart, helpful and not the usual ‘tech nerd’. We are very grateful for his prompt response to our problems. Will be recommending him highly.


Robyn Biggs

Practice Manager, Biggs Fitzgerald & Pike Lawyers

“Our average phone bills using traditional ISDN were $2300 per month ad that was on corporate rates. With Greg’s advice guidance and NBN ready digital line strategies our bills are now a tiny $930. We’re saving a massive $1370 per month, so we invested in a brand new IP phone system and new phones which is easily paid by the savings.”




Wayne Bennett

IT Manager, Nicholsons Solicitors

“…we have virtually halved the monthly cost of calls to mobile phones… His advice proved to be financially sound, and we are very happy with Greg’s thorough attention to detail”

Darryl Dickson

Chief Financial Officer, Beaudesert Toyota

“We couldn’t get nbn to fix our connection, Greg’s
crew quickly installed a 4G back up device, not
stopping there he installed a second nbn at his
own cost so we could function. That’s service!”

Kieran Nolan

CEO, Outdoor Power Centre

“As I write this, we are in the middle of flu season and we have had nowhere near the number of complaints from patients saying they could not get through to the clinic… We were losing more than 1,000 calls a month with our old system.”


Cathy Sawyer

Practice Manager, Wellers Hill Medical Centre

“Four things stood out to me the most…

1. Greg listened
2. He provided tremendous savings
3. He delivered on time and on budget
4. And, he gave us great backup and support”



David Young

CEO, Australian Recruiting Group

“While the financial benefits are great, the thing that impressed me most was the way Greg responded to my calls …The Follow up service was excellent.”




Peter Rushmore

CEO, Terrace Eye Centre