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It is always important to understand the changes in customer needs and improve the support provided by staff. Continually performing these measures leads to improved work efficiency

Queue Announcement
Callers can recognise their position with automatic queue announcements.
They can then decide whether to stay in the queue or leave a message and hang up, according to the situation.

CRM Integration
Increase Sales and Productivity. Know more about your customers.
Priority Routing For VIP Calls
Treat your important customers with priority service.

Mobility solutions where smartphones become your desk top extension
Flexible, Available, Easy Access to data, Geolocation, Real time

Automatic Call Recording
Improve customer service and educate staff.
Reduce Complaints

Reporting and Monitoring
Monitor the live status of callers, agents and call centre members.
Understand problems or opportunities to improve customer service. Store and backup data.

Boss Secretary
Secretaries can answer executive with a simple press of the ”executive”button.
The perfect fit for busy executives

Enhanced Call Control
Point & Click Controls
Screen Based Presence and Availability
Easy to collaborate with other tools

Microsoft Exchange Calendar Integration
Your presence changes automatically with your diary appointments
Automatically send calls to voice mail or other extensions based on your calendar events.
Easy! And Excellent for busy folk