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Smaller Is Smarter

The NBN revolution has unimaginable benefits to Australian business owners and comes with a brand new set of rules. No longer will the massive Telcos preserve their frenzied grip on the wallets of Australian business owners.

You see the NBN is a wholesale enterprise only and independently owned offering the best possible outcome for business owners and consumers alike.

This model has been responsible for the creation of small “niche” NBN Transition specialist’s Telcos. You see, sound Technical knowledge and good old fashion “feet on the street experience” are essential elements necessary to successfully guide business owners through the quagmire of pitfalls and traps transitioning from old to new.

The large Telcos lack both vital ingredients and as a result the large telco’s have suffered huge swings away to small service focused boutique Telco’s with fast easy access to technical knowhow, staff on the ground and Australian based support.