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Here’s The 5 Most Important Things to Consider
When Relocating Your Telecommunications

(or when Installing a new system in your new premises)

This Important Information Will Help You to Enjoy a Seamless
and Stress-free Relocation of Your Telecommunications…

Moving premises is a big project. You want everything to be just right on day one in your new office.
One thing, more than anything else must work on day one. Your phone system!When it comes to relocating your phone system (or putting a new phone system in), there are 5 very important things that you need to consider.

1. IMPORTANT: In 2018, the most critical relocation factor is NOT real estate
The perfect office with poor internet connectivity is a recipe for a real-life nightmare, only worse. Why worse, the issues, complaints and loss of productivity arising from poor internet connectivity will haunt you all day, every day – it is worse than a nightmare.


The number 1 priority for business owners today is a quality high-speed internet connection. Please be warned – not all internet connections are created equal! My company, Phone Systems Brisbane is a full-service Telco, offering connections, system design and the hardware as needed. You can easily speak with me or my specialist technicians (these guys are the best in town) about your plans. We will explain things in plain English (no techno babble) so that you can make an informed decision that is best for the future of your business.

We routinely save people from the unnecessary cost and frustration that comes from bad advice given by inexperienced or unscrupulous sales people in this industry. When it comes to phone systems and internet connections, it definitely is a case of buyer beware!

Before you sign with your Real Estate Agent, call us on 1300 58 4000. Our team specialises in relocations. We can give you up to the minute advice on what is available in your area. This means we can tell you exactly what type of Internet connection is available from all providers along with speeds, whether you can access fiber and what the connectivity pros and cons of the exact property you are looking at.

Commercial premises with good internet connectivity often demand premium prices. A low-cost lease may well see you burdened with the cost to install suitable infrastructure to cater for your needs.

2. Be Extremely Careful Who You Ask?
There are many carriers available on the market. One may work brilliantly in an area where others don’t. If you ring Telco Carrier A, and ask what is available in a particular area, they will only tell you what they have available, not all of the other options are available to you from other carriers.

At Phone Systems Brisbane, we have access to all carriers and can check every carrier’s broadband technology (there are a few different technologies) and availability and speed at a particular address for you. We can make sure that you know all of the options available and the best one for your business situation.


3. Prior Preparation Prevents Frustration and Stress!
It can take 5 – 30 business days to get the internet connected to your new premises, depending on the type of connection you are after.

There is no guarantee that your new office address will not support the type of Internet connection your business needs? This happens quite a lot even in metro areas. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too.


Introducing “The Gadget”

With three decades of Telco feet-on-the-street experience, we’ve developed “The Gadget” to cater for poorly serviced areas where we can “glue” two or more broadband services, of any type (they don’t have to be the same), together to create a quality high-speed Internet connection for your business. delivered as a single service to your router.

Let me explain…

Imagine if the only service available is an average grade ADSL? We can glue together multiple ADSL services and/or additional 4G data services, producing for you a ‘quality single’ high speed internet service for your business. This can be as good (or better) than an nbn™ service.

“I endured 8 weeks of hollow promises from Australia’s largest telco, Greg had me going on the NBN in 2 short weeks. Very pleased, very efficient, Greg and his crew got me out of a ‘BIG’ hole, I highly recommend Business owners to call Greg for NBN phone and data solutions.”

Lars Hedberg. CEO. Gympie Saddle World

4. Ok we have a good location with a great internet connection sorted, what next, I hear you say?

If your phone system is nbn™ ready and using SIP trunks, you can relax and get on with other important aspects of your move. All we need to do is put some applications in place for new Internet services to be delivered in time for your move date. Undoubtedly, you’ll be reviewing cabling and electrical outlets, furniture etc. These are all a part of every move, so no need to spend much time here.

If your phone system is not nbn™ ready, there are some simple and easy to understand options below.

  • You can install a “converter” (click here for info) so you can use your current phone system. If, on the other hand, your phone system is due for upgrade, you can install a modern IP phone system.
  • Upgrading can be a good option. Especially because in 93% of cases we find enough savings on your phone bill to pay for a brand-new phone system anyway. This is just one of the reasons why we have been International Award winners in this area of IP Telephony.

Give our award-winning team a call. You’ll be impressed with how easy they are to work with. Call us on 1300 58 4000.

5. We’re a plain English no B.S. full service telco
We make it fast and easy for you to move your telecommunications. This frees you up to focus on the harder parts of your move. Apart from some logistical items, paperwork and a brief meeting or two, we’ll take care of it all for you. This really is the fastest and simplest (oh and the most stress free) way to relocate your phone and data services.

“The new system is supporting a better customer experience and smoother inter-office communication while cutting costs.”

Margaret Cochrane CEO. Gympie Regional Realty


“What is easy is having the national phone system. It is so slick and professional. We always have someone (a human person, not machine) to pick up the phone (during business hours) as the overflow gets routed across all states. I think our customers like the fact that they can call and talk to someone straight away. We can all assist every customer no matter where they are based, no matter where we are located.”

Deidre Grace CEO People in Plastic.

Call Greg Eicke and the team at Phone Systems Brisbane – where excellence comes standard! 1300 58 4000