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It's Not Just About Fast Internet, it's every way you communicate (ex Mobile)

The NBN will change the way we communicate for ever.

Yes the NBN is fast Internet, It will also deliver all other services like

Telephone Lines, Security, EFTPOS, FAX, Fire Alarm Reporting.

It is a Game Changer

Every Australian business relies on telecommunications, usually the humble telephone is the lifeblood of the business. The copper network is being replaced with the NBN, which means that almost every telephone system will not operate without substantial modification or replacement. Telecommunication services, as we know it will change forever. The good news is you win with massive financial benefits and amazing telephone features once thought impossible.
When it comes to the NBN, we’ve found that most technology vendors stretch the truth when it comes to whether your current phone system or other equipment works on the NBN. Preferring the slick sales spiel approach “you’ll need to replace your phone system to be NBN ready”