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ITR Pacific Case study

Australian Directors of International Earthmoving parts distribution company ITR pacific were looking for a telephony solution to cope with the rapid growth. Brad McDonald from the Brisbane office highlighted the company needs were focused at efficiency, cost reductions and ease of use.

ITR pacific acquired a Victorian company adding to strength in Australia. Not resting on past performance ITR pacific quickly expanded into Sydney and Perth. The communications system was not coping with the high demands. Brad was keen to see the correct solution rolled out which meant he was in no hurry, rather looking for a long-term partner to help the company achieve the lofty goals.

Phones Now conducted a thorough audit of all offices to understand the existing infrastructure and challenges firstly better. With this information, the well experienced technicians and sales crew from Phones Now created a failsafe telephony and data solution, ticking all boxes.

Our new look communications solution

3 Interstate offices, 1 phone system.

The geography between our 3 offices is immense. We are now the “press of a button” away from each other. Quite amazing when you consider we are on opposite sides of the country.


Reducing Line Rental and Telco Costs

Using VoIP and clever networking by the crew at Phones Now we’ve slashed our telco costs and now sport a very functional communications solution. We managed to rid ourselves of many costly old legacy telephone lines.

National 1300 Number

Our national 1300 number is cleverly routed to appropriate offices and all based on where the call is coming from. What’s more any office can answer any call no matter where they are. That’s amazing. We’ve found our all offices are supporting each other, which we super pleased about. We’re handling more calls with the same staff. Greg showed us to work smarter.



We’re big on customer service which means we had to have failure options included in our new Panasonic NS700 solution. Simply it doesn’t matter what fails we are fully covered with auto recovery. We know we are in very good hands of the crew at Phones Now.


Fail Safe

What’s more Greg made sure we are fail safe which means it’s business as usual if any of our data services fail?

Extended business hours

The time zones in Australia leave opportunity to traffic callers to open offices outside of local business hours. Brisbane callers can be answered in our Perth office 2 hours after closing time in Queensland. With daylight saving time in the summer we’ll have better customer service than our contenders.


More Phone Lines

Our growth had us looking for more lines, which usually means more costs to install and more line rental. The Phones Now solution had us able to add more lines any time and without installation delays and costs thanks to the clever engineering of our Panasonic NS700 phone system.

National Support

Our support is fast and hassle free. The Phones Now technicians can easily remotely access all offices which means peace of mind knowing we’re fully covered.

NBN Ready

All of this and we are not on the nbn in any office, but we are 100% nbn ready with a simple change of a plug. That’s great planning from the Phones Now crew.