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Good Savings

We’ve been connecting happy customers to our NBN digital phone lines for 5 years now, before the NBN came into sight for most Australians. Our proven success formula consistently delivers significant cost reductions in all manner of business areas.

We analyse telephone systems and accounts for a living, We have done this for the past 32 years. And in 92% of cases we find massive cost reductions for our customers! Many of our delighted customers use these savings to pay for a new telephone systems… in fact they often have money left over.

You’re probably wondering “Where’s the catch?” That’s OK.

The truth is there isn’t one. We’ve proven this time and again over many years in the industry.

You see, telephone companies have conditioned us to believe in their complicated spiel. Call rates for Local, Call rates for STD, Call Rates for Mobiles, Call rates for … and “stick with us for 5 [long] years spend a minimum amount each month and we?
will give you a [little] discount to help offset the cost of your new phone system, all bundled onto one bill” … Sound familiar?

Sounds hard, because it is hard.

Saving Communication Costs

  • 100% NBN Redi Phone Systems, enjoy the advantages of traditional telephony without being left out in the cold when the NBN comes to your area.
  • You will save a motza with SIP trunks

Saving Network Costs

  • Connecting offices via the IP network allows you to integrate voice and data.
  • Reduces line rental and call costs between offices

Smart Voice Mail

  • Email notification so you can be sure never miss a call. We’ll email missed calls too.
  • It should be easy to be contacted.

Saving on Running Costs

  • Using IP Phones and extensions means you don’t need to change the settings in the PBX each time you change a handset layout.
  • It should be easy to move a phone without technicians.

National broadband network savings