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NBN Survival Guide

Report 1. Your NBN Survival Guide

When it comes to the NBN, I’ve found that most Technology vendors stretch the truth when it comes to whether your current phone system or other equipment works on the NBN. Preferring the slick sales spiel approach “you’ll need to replace your phone system to be NBN ready”

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Report 2. Don’t Buy An NBN Ready Phone System Without Reading This

I put this document together to help business people become aware of the potential options (and pitfalls) when the NBN evangelist comes knocking.

I’ve been able to piece all of this together because for the better part of my 3-decade career I’ve installed, maintained and sold Telephone Systems. This has also allowed me to provide sound advice from ‘Feet on the street practical experience.

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Report 3. 9 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Phone System

Upgrading your phone system can be a mine field of confusion and techno babble. It is so important to get this purchase right since communication is the life blood of any modern organisation.

Are you confused by any of the following?…
– Do I need to be NBN Ready?
– Do I need a digital telephone system or a comprehensive Unified Communications / VoIP phone system?

– What is beyond the desk phone?

9 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Phone System 786x692